Guðný M. Magnúsdóttir er listamaður vikunnar 9 - 16 jan. 2021

    Vikan 9. - 16. janúar 2021. Guðný M. Magnúsdóttir í glugganum á Skólavörðustíg 5 með glænýja röndótta blómapotta. 

    Ceramics is a long-distance run, not a sprint. It is important to listen to the clay, create a connection to the material, and reach a balance between the material, the form, and the expression of ideas.

    Life is art, it is an adventure, unexpected, and in constant creation. For me, the process of creation is an interaction between ideas and matter, the past, and the future. I have always explored the merger of art, crafts, and design; by making a bowl into a sculpture, a sculpture into a vase, or a plate into a painting. I have always tried to be true to this vision. For me, good art, good ceramics, and good design is an experience and a certain passion to use and enjoy. I have worked as an independent artist since 1975 in my own studio and in collective studios. During this time I have participated in a number of exhibitions around the world in group exhibitions in the Nordic countries, Europe, the USA and Canada, Japan, and Korea. I have held 14 solo exhibitions in Museums and Galleries in Iceland and abroad since 1976. My work can be found in several Art and Design Museums in Iceland, Finland, Korea, and Japan.

    Guðný M. Magnúsdóttir