Guðny Haf

    Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir is a ceramist and a teacher and has always worked in both fields. As Guðný's works show, her background is first and foremost Icelandic, but in addition to her studies at the Icelandic School of Art and Craft, Guðný has also studied ceramics in Denmark, Finland and Hungary.
    Iceland has a great story-telling tradition and the works of Icelandic artists are often characterized by story-telling features. This also applies to Guðný’s work. Poems sometimes accompany her works, which make them more personal and add a level of sincerity. But the feeling is far from one where the weight of history rests on the works. On the contrary, her newest works are characterized by lightness and gaiety. Guðný often looks to form in everyday life for inspiration for her craft works. So for example, roof gutters and raindrops are the inspiration for her line in vases and cups. . Guðný’s work is characterized by imagination, variety, awareness of the past and a sensitive perception of the present. Together, these qualities create colorfull and thought provoking art.”