Black beach sushi set

    The Black beach sushi set is a set of 2 pieces , a plate and a small bowl made of porcelain. The glaze is specially made by the artist and the coloring is made by natural oxides. The inspiration for the glase and the asthetics in the look are the great black beaches of the south coast in Iceland, where the rest of the icebergs that take out by the rivers, sometimes become visible melting in the black sand.

    The sushi set also comes in the color called "Melting ice". Both glazes made specially by the artist , so no 2 pieces are exactly the same.

    The plate size is 22cm x 9 cm. The bowl is approx. 5cm high x 6 cm. wide.

    Svarti sandur - Sushi sett - er tveggja hluta sett, diskur og skál. Gert úr postulín undir áhrifum frá svörtu söndunum á suðurströndinni. Er líka fáanlegt í ljósum lit, sem heitir "Bráðnun"

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