Kaolin artists association was founded in 2010. A few ceramicists wanted to create a platform where they could introduce Icelandic ceramic and showcase and sell their work in an economical way by running a cooperative gallery. They would take turns tending the gallery to keep the prices down and also so buyers could always meet one of the artists.

    Many of the Icelandic Ceramicists frontrunners have over the years been part of the gallery for longer or shorter periods. There are usually between seven and ten artists at a time. They all have an education in ceramic or ceramic design. This is the only cooperative gallery in Iceland that only has ceramic, that we know of. One could say that here you can see an overview of the Icelandic genre of ceramic. 

    The gallery has the same name as the association. Kaolin is a fine soft white clay, resulting from the natural decomposition of other clays or feldspar. It is used for making porcelain and china. Kaolin gallery was first located in Ingolfsstræti, but soon moved to Skolavordustigur which is the artists street of Reykjavik. First number 22 but is now located in a beautiful house at Skolavordustigur 5. 

    This has been a vibrant and lively association that has hosted various events and exhibitions throughout the years. The gallery has therefore contributed to strengthen the cultural flora of downtown Reykjavík and intends to continue to do so. Window exhibitions have been a regular part of the gallery, but the artists take turns setting up mini-exhibitions of their work in the window and when there are festivals like Design March and Culture Night, a joint exhibition is set up that suits the occasion. The window is facing the rainbow-decorated street and always attracts a lot of attention.