My name is Katrin Valgerdur Karlsdottir and Kvalka ceramic studio is my workplace. "Kvalka" is my artistic name, made from the first few letters of each of my names. My studio is located in my home in Kopavogur, Iceland. I'm the only one working there, doing all the work myself and enjoying it. I graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2001 and was by then already turning forty. I took my time to get to the place where I belong, experienced a lot on the way, and have more to explore. My pieces of art are one of a kind. Formed in my hands with great care and joy as a counterbalance to all the mass production in the world. I like it when "things" happen while I'm creating. Then a new idea can be born. I use live fire to burn most of my work. It is a constant battle for survival or destruction. But when there is a victory the result can be an astonishing beautiful tribute to life with all its colors.