Þórdís finished her Ba(Hons.)in ceramics at the Arts and design department at The University of Cumbria in England in 2011. Prior to that, she had finished her diploma in ceramics at the Reykjavik art school. The harsh nature and the visibility of the great natural forces in Iceland have always been the main inspiration in her work. She works mainly in porcelain and uses its fineness to make a contrast with the roughness in the glazes. She mixes all the glazes herself from raw materials and only uses natural oxides and sometimes Icelandic clay particles to get a display of roughness versus the fineness of the porcelain. She uses only simple and strong forms where the only decoration is the natural colors in the glaze and the magic that becomes visible when the glaze reforms in the kiln. The multifunction of objects also fascinates her, and much of her work which she designs from the beginning in plaster, and then cast, shows the possibility of multifunction.